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Have your concrete floors started to chip and crack? Whether the cracks appear on your driveway, outdoor areas, warehouse or commercial building, concrete surface cracks are bound to show themselves once in a while and when they do, they should be fixed to prevent further damages to the concrete and the foundations of your Port St Lucie property.

Concrete cracks can arise for many reasons and most surface cracks look the same, however, they all may have different root and can require different technique in fixing.

At Epoxy Floors and Polishing Inc, we always start by analyzing the cracks on the floor and determine whether they have resulted from foundation shrinkage or floor shrinkage. After the source is determined, we can recommend the most suitable repair solution.

When done on time, concrete floor repairs can be an affordable solution to having to replace your entire concrete floors.

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Concrete Grinding Central Florida

Are you planning to install new flooring? Are your existing concrete floors covered in old coatings, glue, stains or dirt?

The success to the longevity of floor coverings, whether epoxy flooring or floors that require glueing is a clean, free from contaminants base.

If you concrete slab has been previously sealed, has traces of glue, your new floor coatings will not be able to penetrate and create a strong bond with the slab. This will result in them lifting or peeling soon after being installed.

At Epoxy Floors and Polishing INC, we specialize in mechanical concrete grinding. We use concrete grinders together with industrial vacuums to remove the top layer of your concrete, level it and open the concrete pores.

This quick and dust free process is guaranteed to get your concrete floors ready for the installation of new flooring.

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