Solid Color Epoxy Flooring

In Vero Beach, FL, a simple yet stunning way to upgrade any concrete floor is through single color epoxy coatings. Homeowners and commercial property owners in Vero Beach, FL can choose from various monotone styles, including matte and glossy, flat colors, and swirling multi-toned choices.

This type of epoxy flooring is made of 100% solid epoxy, which is highly durable, resistant to abrasions and stains, and easy to clean and maintain. The light reflective properties of single solid color epoxy make them an excellent choice for spaces that rely on artificial lightings, such as museums, car dealerships, auto repair shops, airplane hangars, grocery stores, shopping centers, hospitals, labs, and more.

In addition, our company offers a 15-year warranty on our epoxy floors, ensuring guaranteed quality and craftsmanship.

Epoxy Flake Flooring Vero Beach FL

The flake chip epoxy floors are popular for residential garages, automotive shops, and parking facilities in Vero Beach, FL. This flooring option is stylish, durable, and able to hide stains and dirt. As dust, debris, and grease fall on the fleck epoxy floor, they blend in with the texture and multi-color pattern of the coating, making it easy to maintain.

Flake epoxy flooring is also highly resistant to scratches caused by machinery and tools. The multi-layered flake epoxy flooring system provides decorative, water-resistant, and weather-resistant flooring. The primer used in the system acts as a water barrier, making it ideal for areas prone to moisture or constant water exposure, such as showers and locker rooms or public toilets.

Additionally, the UV stable polyurethane topcoat creates a barrier that protects the floor from discoloration and weather elements, making it a suitable option for outdoor areas like Indian River pool decks, Brevard County driveways, patios, and walkways.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring Vero Beach FL

Metallic epoxy flooring and pearlescent flooring are epoxy coatings containing mixed metallic pigments. These tiny glittery pigments are blended into the epoxy resin and poured onto the floor. Moving the pigments around with a paintbrush or paint roller creates a swirling, three-dimensional effect, which gives the surface a unique appearance as the light bounces off it in different ways.

In Vero Beach, FL, metallic epoxy floors are an excellent option for residential and commercial indoor use. The variety of colors that can be added to the floor is limitless, allowing for truly personalized and one-of-a-kind floors.

Why epoxy floor coatings

Epoxy Flooring Benefits

Durable Epoxy Flooring


Our high-performance, industrial grade epoxy coatings are designed to penetrate deep within the concrete pores, and harden to a thickness that will stay solid while simultaneously exhibiting flexible properties. These characteristic traits make tire markings, chipping, cracking and hot tire pick up a problem of the past.  

Cleaning Epoxy Flooring

Easy to clean

Epoxy floor coatings cure to a non-porous surface, making it hard for stains or dirt to get trapped on the surface. With regular cleaning schedule of mopping your Vero Beach FL epoxy floors, the surface will stay clean and looking new for longer.

Waterproof Epoxy Flooring

Weather Proof

Our topcoats are UV stable, protecting your floors from yellowing and discoloration under direct sunlight. Our basecoat and primers provide a moisture resistance and act forms a waterproof barrier preventing your new floor from lifting and peeling off.

Long Lasting Epoxy Flooring

Budget Friendly

Epoxy flooring is an affordable and long-lasting option compared to traditional flooring. Installing your Vero Beach FL epoxy floor with us, might seem more expensive than store bought kits, but you will receive a floor that is guaranteed to last, back up by our 15 years warranty.

Hot Tire Pick Up Flooring

Chemicals, salt, oil, and hot tires resistant

Our epoxy floor coatings are resistant to chemicals, road salts and machine oils. Thanks to our thorough floor preparation, you can rest assured that your Vero Beach FL epoxy floor is protected from hot tires pickups, lifting or peeling.

Decorative Epoxy Flooring


Epoxy floor coatings come in an array of colors and finishes to match with every interior. Solid grey colors finishes are ideal for spaces that rely on artificial lighting. Metallic finishes are ideal for spaces that want to create individuality and vinyl flake blends are ideal for creating sophisticated yet durable flooring. Check our color chart here.

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